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Hi ! Today, I decided to give ourselves a present -because the portrait I am about to present today made me extremely happy. I'm going to talk to you today about an American photographer too little known for my taste that I discovered through clichés for Vulkan Magazine a few months ago: Ahmad Smith. By sharing with Ahmad, I discovered a passionate young man, whose modesty would make you crazy! Sublime shots, dominant colors, women and fashion.
I let you discover the very admirable portrait of this young man of 18 years.

Bonjour à tous !
 Aujourd'hui, j'ai décidé de nous faire un cadeau -nous car le portrait que je vais vous présenter m'a rendu extrêmement heureuse. Je vais vous parler aujourd'hui d'un photographe Américain trop peu connu à mon goût que j'ai découvert à travers des clichés pour Vulkan Magazine il y a quelques mois déjà : Ahmad Smith. En échangeant avec Ahmad, j'ai découvert un jeune homme passionné, dont la modestie vous rendrait fous ! Des clichés sublimes à travers lesquels les regards nous captivent, des couleurs majeures, des femmes et de la mode. 

Je vous laisse donc découvrir le portrait très admirable de ce jeune homme de 18 ans.

Can you introduce yourself for those who do not know you yet?
Peux tu te présenter pour ceux qui ne te connaissent pas encore ?

My name is Ahmad Kimari Smith and I am an 18 year old upcoming fashion photographer.

What is your school curriculum?
Quel est ton cursus scolaire ?

I'm currently a freshman at DMACC community college.

How did you start to photograph? And why you chose photography and not another art form such as videos, drawing etc. ?
Comment as-tu commencer à photographier ? et pourquoi avoir choisi la photographie et pas une autre forme d'art tel que les vidéos, le dessin etc. ?

I started taking photos mainly because of a photo I saw of my favorite rapper "Tyler the Creator" when I was in 8th or 9th grade. It was a black and white photograph of Tyler sitting next to a Supreme logo on top of a building screaming. I truly don't know why I liked it so much, probably just  because it was a photo of Tyler and I was absolutely obsessed with him at the time. Still am to this day. After seeing that photo I think I just started looking up "photography of Tyler The Creator" and from there I just started looking up "photography." 

I feel like theres no real reason why I choose photography over drawing, painting, video, ect. other than the fact it was just fun for me and I liked to line stuff up with the little dots in the view finder. Ive always liked and have always been into all forms of art but I was never really "good" at any of them except photography.

How long have you been a photographer?
Depuis combien de temps es-tu photographe ?

I've been taking photos since I was in 8th grade(14). I started out using my iPod touch. I would just go around taking photos of things that I liked, such as my skate shoes, a pepsi soda can, snow on a tree, sun sets and occasionally girls asses in school.  

Are you self-taught or have you followed photography courses?
Es-tu autodidacte ou as-tu suivis des cours de photographie ?

I am 100% self taught. Ive taken pretty much any photo class that I could but I haven't really found a class that has been able to teach me to much of what I didn't already know about taking photos. (not trying to sound cocky) My favorite class or classes that I have taken were "photo art 1 and 2." I took both in high school with my now favorite teacher Mr. Weiss. At first me and him didn't really see eye to eye because he tried to give me a detention for being not even a minute late to class. I confronted him about it during my lunch period and he ended up dropping the detention. He told me he liked how respectful I was about it and that I took the time to talk to him and pleed my case. After that I pretty much became one of his favorite students. 1. because I was always ahead in class with my photos and 2. because his son is a skateboarder and so am I. He would always use me as an example of what to do in class or telling me how stylish I was when I would walk in the room. I never really did the homework assignments simply because I didn't want to or I didn't see how a writing assignment would help me take better photos. I'm not a very good student. 

You express yourself through the fashion photo, is it a choice ?
Tu t'exprimes à travers la photo de mode, c'est un choix ?

It's 100% a choice. I express my self through fashion photos because I have always been into fashion wether I really knew it or not. I have always been pretty self conscious about the way I look so with that said I have always taken a lot of pride and time in picking out my clothes for the day. There are times in the morning where I will switch my outfit around at least 10 times just so I can feel comfortable with what I'm wearing. The most important part about the outfit for me is the pants. I have a very big pants collection. Ranging all the way from straight leg and baggy levis to ripped up, black stinger skinny jeans from Hot Topic, those are my favorite. 

What do you want to share through your pictures ?
Que cherches tu à faire partager à travers tes clichés ?

I think what I really want people to get out of looking at my photos is I actually put a lot of time and effort into what I do. From scrolling on Instragram for hours to find one person to message to do a shoot that might not even respond or might bail on the day of the shoot only to never be herd from again. All the way to setting up a trip to New York by myself just so I could take photos

Which photographers / artists / professionals you inspire you ?
Quels photographes / artistes / professionnels t'insprirent ?

My absolute favorite photographer is Terry Richardson. I just really like his weird style, use of flash and that he gets to photograph a lot of famous people. If you know anything about fashion or fashion photography you might have herd of him. He's very famous for his photos but also for his allegation against him. I first saw Terry in Odd Futures Oldie video. I didn't know who he was at the time when I first saw him but I knew he was probably someone important. I didn't learn about who he was until last year when I stumbled upon his Instagram and saw a picture of him. I freaked out because I had always been wondering who he was and what his name was. I did some research on hm and found out he has been accused multiple times of doing unsightly things to models during his shoots in his early work, which lead to him being sued a few times and companies not even wanting to work with him. If you look him up you can find out more about it. This might make you hate him though. For me this just made him all the more interesting. I wanted to know more so I started looking up his photos and found out about his book "Terry World" Its the most vulgar and fucked up photo book I have seen. Its awesome haha, but not all can really handle looking at it.

How were you chosen to shoot Noah for Vulkan magazine?
Comment as-tu été choisi pour shooter Noah pour le magazine Vulkan ?

I sadly wasn't chosen at all for the shoot "Noah" on Vulkan Magazines site. I was just doing shoots, submitting to different magazines and hopping the photos would be good enough to be featured. I really tried my hardest to make the shoot one of my best. The day I got the email that the shoot was  accepted I was home alone and couldn't stop screaming "Fuck yes!" I was only 17 and had just graduated school maybe not even a month before. I don't think I told anyone until the shoot was actually published because I was scared it wouldn't actually get posted. when it did actually get posted I called my mom while she was at work like I do most morning and told her to go to Vulkans website and look at the newest shoot on the page. She didn't really know what she was suppose to be looking at until she saw "by Ahmad Smith" then she was like "WHOA", and I was like "I know right". 

Did you have any other professionals experiences ? If yes, what professional experience did you prefer?
Tu as eu d'autres expériences professionnelles ? Si oui, l'expérience professionnelle que tu as préféré ?

A professional experience that Ive had would be going to New York by myself for photos. When I went to NY I set up shoots with three different models from three different agencies. I called/contacted a few different agencies about a month before I went and decided to go with the first three who got back to me. BMG NY, The Trump Agency and The Marilyn Agency of NY. I had two days to get to the city, find clothes for the shoots, find out where the studio was, do the shoots then return the clothes. I got lost a couple times but the trip turned out to be a fun success, and ill hopefully be moving out there soon.   

You're very young, 18 years, you would like to make photography your profession or you have other projects?
Tu es très jeune, 18 ans, tu souhaites faire de la photographie ton métier ou tu as d'autres projets ?

yep 18! Thanks for noticing. It says my age in my bio but every time I meet someone for photos they always tell me they thought I was like 20 or something. and yes I 100% want to be a full time fashion photographer. I would get to set my own hours, shoot photos every day with only the best of models and id be able to travel a lot.

For your pictures you are rather: night or day? Indoor or outdoor? Object, landscapes or people? On the run or organized? In color or b & w?
Pour tes clichés tu es plutôt : nuit ou jour ? intérieur ou extérieur ? objet, paysages ou personnes ? sur le vif ou organisée ? en couleurs ou n&b ?

For shoots because I have grown up shooting in Iowa I prefer to shoot indoors mainly because if you go outside for a shoot theres nothing particularly interesting about where I live. No tall building, not a lot of people no colorful walls, nothing and I hate it. Plus in my opinion its hard to do a shoot outside in Iowa and make it look different from any other Iowa photographer. I prefer shooting photos of people and definitely in color. I can shoot in BW but I prefer color just because I'm a bright person who loves a lot of colors. If your someone who has been in my bedroom or knows me personally you would know this. My bed room walls are all purple except one bright teal wall behind my bed. On the walls are tons of pictures that I have taken along with a few of my favorite flowers pined along side of them. As of night or day shoots, I prefer to do super early morning at my house because the lighting through the windows is perfect.

Most often, you photograph women, why?
Le plus souvent, tu photographies des femmes, pourquoi?

I like to photograph females just because I'm into women. Ive done shots of males but I've never really liked it as much as photographing girls. but i'd really like to do a shoot of a girl and a guy interacting with each other. 

Why do you prefer to photograph people rather than scenes of everyday life?
Pourquoi préfères tu saisir des personnes plutôt que des scènes de la vie quotidienne ?

I photograph people/ girls instead of everyday life because nothing really goes on where I live. Ive never been driving down the street and said "Whoa!" except one time driving from this girls house I saw a burning building. other than that I never see anything going on I actually want to photograph.

Does work for Vulkan Magazine encouraged you to persevere in photography?
Avoir travailler Vulkan Magazine t-as t-il encouragé à persévérer dans la photographie ?

I sadly don't work for vulkan but I'm always doing my best to make each shoot better than the last wether that be with better poses, a better location, clothes, or just doing better editing than the last shoot.

Sometimes you would not want to swap sideways and past the camera?
Parfois tu ne voudrais pas échanger de côté et passé devant l'appareil photo ?

I think i'd like to get in front of the camera sometime but I don't know anyone who could photograph me the way I would want to be photographed. Unless it was photography of me skating. If it were photos of me skating I couldn't think of anyone better than my buddy DjDrock (Derrick Lambertz). His skateboarding photos or dope!

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